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Thongs Sizing Help

Are Archies Thongs true to size?

Yes, our footwear is true to size. We've based our sizing on the US shoe sizing system, so we recommend choosing your standard US shoe size.

What size thongs do I order?

Sizes are based on US shoe sizing, Follow these steps to find your size

Used to wearing half size for thongs, what size do I choose?

If you're a half size, we suggest sizing up!

I have narrow feet, will these fit me?

Yes, our thongs will fit you well as they have a tight strap and toe pole that can be stretched.

I have wide feet, will these fit me?

Yes - our thongs are very accommodating to foot width because the straps can be stretched!

I have average feet, will these fit me?

Yes, our thongs will be a great fit for you.

I have flat or pronated feet. Can I wear Archies Footwear products?

Yes! Archies Footwear products have in built arch support and are perfect for people with pronated and/or flat feet. The arch support helps to support the foot in a more optimal position and reduce pronation.

I have high arches. Can I wear Archies Thongs?

Archies Thongs are great for those who have high arches. They have in-built orthotic support, which encourages optimal foot posture aiding whole-body alignment.

What is the perfect fit for Archies Thongs?

Archies Thongs should "fit like a glove" with very little space in front of the toes and behind the heels.

How to measure your foot length

Please watch this video for steps on how to measure your foot length and find your perfect size. (Please note, the site on the video is our USA site, so it will be slightly different from our AU site.). Use our size chart to select the best fit for y

How to stretch the strap of Archies Thongs

Archies Thongs can easily be stretched by your hands. Please watch this quick video and follow the instructions below on how to do this. If you follow these instructions, the straps are almost impossible to break! For more on stretching the strap, he

My thongs don't seem wide enough. Do you make thongs that have a wider fit?

While we don't make wider-fitting thongs, we do have a few tips to help you get a comfy fit.

Do Archies Thongs run big or small?

Archies Thongs are true to size and should have a snug fit on your feet.

What is "toe clawing" or "toe grabbing" and why don't I get it in Archies Thongs?

"Toe clawing" or "toe grabbing" occurs when your toes claw down in an attempt to keep the thong or sandal on your foot.